Forest School

¨The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky.-

Margaret McMillan

The Irish Forest School Association defines forest school as :

an opportunity for the same group of learners and leaders to spend a
sustained period outdoors, once a week, in a wooded environment, ideally
year round. A regular routine is followed that is learner-led and
facilitated by trained leaders. Learning is holistic and closely related to
developmental stage and regular curricular requirements. There must be a
high ratio of leaders to learners, everyone must be suitably dressed and a
risk/benefit approach to health and safety is followed by all. (IFSA, 2017)

Forest School is a learner-centred or child-led process with close links to
regular curriculum objectives.

Forest Schools Groups

Outdoor Toddler Group

Starting in Beaufort in September! More information will be available soon.

After School Groups

Starting in Milltown in September! More information will be available soon.


Forest Summer Camps this August in Kilderry Woods, Milltown. August 10-12th and August 17-19th for children aged 5-10.