Forest School

My son Alejandro has been attending the forest school sessions with Kerry for the last couple of years. He was given the opportunity of freedom, space and natural surroundings. It has been a key for his social, cognitive, emotional and linguistic aspects of his learning. Alejandro loves attending his forest school sessions with Kerry, they are full of creative woodland adventures, survival skills and crafts, mock is his best friend. He bonded so well with her because she is a truly loving and caring Forest School leader and person, she is passionate about nature and she will guide any kid to find this beautiful connection between oneself and nature. I could not recommend her enough. Diana

The forest school sessions were always such a treat to attend for myself and my son . Welcomed with Kerry and her warm personality. The session were filled with fun and adventure and most importantly freedom led by the children to explore and move at their pace. Kristina

Kerry and Carol provide an excellent service which my child and I love attending. We’ve done a few seasons of toddler groups, stick Sundays (family days), summer/easter camps and their art & crafts stalls at children’s festivals. They are highly creative, skilled professionals and we love spending time with them in the woods in all weathers. Aine

Forest school has been amazing. Carol and Kerry really seem to care and the kids love the whole experience. Pauline

I had the pleasure of meeting Kerry at Down to Earth Forest School in Brigit’s Garden. My son Bruno was 3 years old when he enjoyed the lovely Little Twigs group. Now 7 years old, he had fond memories of clay cooking, flower painting, story time, and more. Every Tuesday we headed our way to reach the wonderful forests of Brigit’s Grarden, with or without sun or rain it was time to connect with nature and the sheer joy of sharing an enchanting moment with other people. Kerry has something special with children. I admire in her the ability to attract the attention of many children and find the particular interest of all. She is a treasure and we were very lucky to have her at least for a while. In these times of so much media connectivity, having a space where you can connect with yourself and with the pleasure of playing with the simplest elements of the universe is priceless.

It is very difficult to find people with so much love for nature and children, a genuine love in the midst of so much materiality is almost a miracle. We have been very fortunate to meet Kerry, and very fortunate will be those who have the pleasure of meeting her. I wish you the best Kerry in this new adventure. Maria

Recently I attended  an ‘Introduction to Forest School’ with Carol and Kerry, I have to say I had such a great day and an amazing experience. On a personal level it changed my whole awareness of our natural world which I will treasure. The Intro day to Forest School gave me a glimpse into the holistic value the natural environment of the forest can have on us, I gained a valuable insight to the many benefits of the Forest environment , especially from a child’s perspective. It’s hard to explain the joy and contentment I felt after a day in the Forest School, I would highly recommend anyone with children to spend a day with the girls in Down to Earth -Galway Forest school. Tina

Forest Bathing

Nature is the oldest most experienced healer we have. It’s great Kerry is helping us access and remember it. Megan

Kerry’s walks are beautiful way to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and with the nature around us.  Her invitations open us up to the healing power that abounds in the natural world and she expertly guides us through the landscape, creating a safe and sacred space in which to just be and heal. A magical way to spend a few hours, honouring yourself and the natural world. Laura

Kerry is an excellent facilitator, she is relaxed and very professional. It was such a lovely experience. I have learned and experienced so much thank you. Tina